Time to Get Back to the Basics — What Herb Thinks

With war looming like a gathering storm, it’s time for America to get back to the basics.

Soon, many of us could find ourselves in the center of this storm. And, even if we personally aren’t there, we’ll all have kids and friends who are.

If you’ve been following my commentaries, you know I’m concerned about America. As I’ve said before, I’m an American. I walk, talk and think American. But, especially at times like this, I try to think Christian first.

Does this make me less American? I don’t think so. I think it makes me more American.

Let me explain why I feel this way. You see, America is a very religious country. No matter what the secular people say, the religious roots of America spread far and run deep.

These religious roots run from Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive to Bakersfield’s Cottonwood Road. They stretch across the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, all the way to the grand cities on America’s East Coast. And, along the way, these religious roots sprout up everywhere — in simple homes, in towering buildings and, sometimes, as is the case today, they even sprout up in the White House.

As I write, America’s religious president is meeting with a few other brave leaders who have decided to support him in his cause. Read about it here. Together, these leaders are preparing to send their country’s sons and daughters onto the field of battle. And, in so doing, they are also sending their countries, and the entire world, into an uncertain future.

On the battle lines, facing this gathering storm, are the young soldiers of these nations. And, once again, we find those same religious roots sprouting up among our troops. After all, they are the sons and daughters of a religious people facing the ultimate test.

Yes, whether they like it or not, America is a deeply religious country. America’s religious roots spread far and run deep.

So, I’m proud to be a Christian American.

And, it’s time to get back to the basics.

— Herb Peters