The Euro Terror Connection — What Herb Thinks

There may be some real dirt hiding under External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten’s rug. EUobserver writer Sharon Spiteri says, “One quarter of MEPs have called for an official inquiry into allegations that 10 million euro monthly payments from the EU to the Palestinian Authority are being used to fund terrorist activities.” Read about it here.

Patten, of course, is doing everything he can to prevent anybody from looking under his rug. After all, not so long ago it was Patten’s Commission that, when an auditor reported finding omissions that made Enron’s books look good, fired the auditor instead of investigating her findings. Read about it here.

Is it possible an inquiry will find a euro terror connection? I think it very well could. You see, not only is the EU a primary financial backer of Yasser Arafat, the EU’s Commission and Arafat’s Palestinian Authority have something in common — complete unaccountability.

On top of the fact that nobody knows for sure where the money trail leads, it has been reported that the EU’s high representative, Javier Solana, has been involved with secret negotiations with terror groups — both Palestinian and Hamas terror groups. Read about it here.

These secret negotiations even led to an EU-sponsored summit for top terrorist leaders in Cairo, Egypt. It was only in the past few days it’s been reported these negotiations finally broke down due to the pending US war against Iraq.

So, is there a euro terror connection? Let’s hope they lift that rug and find out.

Stay tuned!

— Herb Peters