The End of a Theory? — What Holly Thinks

Last week — after 10 years as the EU foreign minister — Javier Solana was replaced by a successor, signaling what appears to be his inevitable exit from this powerful post. Is this news the death knell of my father’s theory?

It could be. With Solana out of the picture, it would appear that the European Neighbourhood Policy — which he crafted — would be disqualified as the fulfillment of the prophecy about the Antichrist’s confirmation of a “covenant with many” nations (Daniel 9:27). This would mean that my father — and all of us who followed his research — may have been barking up the wrong tree.

Yet the question remains: Is Solana really out of the picture?

It’s too early to dismiss him just yet. The person appointed to succeed Solana is the EU Trade Commissioner British Catherine Ashton. Ashton, however, still needs the approval of the EU Parliament — which is in no way guaranteed. Many Europeans have criticized her lack of qualifications for the influential post.

Until she is approved, Solana will continue in his role.

Solana also continues to serve as the secretary general of the Western European Union (WEU) — a 10-nation military alliance that some EU leaders envision being kept alive under the Lisbon Treaty to be used as the framework for a new EU defense pact. Learn more here. Yet, what makes things tenuous regarding Solana’s future involvement with the alliance, is that his term with the WEU is set to expire in less than two days (Nov. 24).

If it turns out that Ashton is approved as the foreign minister and that Solana quietly fades away from his leadership of the WEU, then it appears that my father’s theory is kaput. Javier Solana, the man who forged the seven-year European Neighbourhood Policy, would seem to be in no position to break that same treaty — barring some crisis or other situation that would bring him back to center stage.

So, will Solana really disappear into thin air? And will the WEU theory crash and burn? Time will tell.

Stay tuned!

— Holly Pivec