The Dragon’s Shadow Reaches the Balkans — What Herb Thinks

There is an evil Jesus hated more than lying. That evil is hypocrisy.

When U.S. President George W. Bush called Iraq, North Korea and Iran an “axis of evil,” the majority of the European Union’s leadership gasped. They couldn’t believe it — the most powerful political figure in the world had actually publicly told the truth.

Before Bush made his now famous “axis of evil” statement, the EU leaders were all declaring their complete support for America’s new war against terror. They had no problem with it at all. In fact, a war against terror was playing into their hands very well. It was allowing them to create stronger security measures over the Union’s 15 member states, which was something they already wanted to do anyway.

But now Bush had gone too far — he told the truth. And, for some reason, truth on this issue was somewhere these EU leaders didn’t want to go.

The Christian worldview believes, of course, it’s wrong to lie. And, the Bible tells us among other sinners, liars will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. But, there was an evil Jesus hated even more than lying — that was the evil of hypocrisy.

Here’s my point: Almost exactly four years ago in March of 1999, these same Western European leaders who are now fighting so hard against a war with Iraq approved NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia. Read about it here. And, it was then NATO secretary general Javier Solana who gave the order for the bombing to begin. Not only that, they did it without UN approval!

Why did these Western European leaders want so badly for NATO to go to war against Yugoslavia? They said it was to drive an evil tyrant from power — Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. But, the truth was, the EU leaders wanted to bring the Balkans into the EU camp on their way to occupying the Mediterranean. Read about it here.

It’s true Milosevic was an evil tyrant deserving to be brought down. But, Milosevic was a Boy Scout compared to the evil of Iraqi leader, Hussein. But, since this time it’s the US and not the EU that stands to gain by military intervention in Iraq, the same EU leaders who demanded war against Milosevic four years ago are this time siding with the evil tyrant Saddam. Read about it here And here.

As I said before, there is an evil Jesus hated even more than lying.

That evil is hypocrisy.

— Herb Peters