The Charlemagne Prize and Bible Prophecy — What Holly Thinks

European Union flag with statue of Charlemagne on the City Hall in Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium

Thursday, German chancellor Angela Merkel received the Charlemagne Prize, an award given each year to the European who does the most to unite Europe. Learn more here. The award is named after Charlemagne — an eighth century ruler who led Europe’s first attempt at reviving the fallen Roman Empire.

Merkel was selected for her work chairing the European Union’s rotating presidency during the successful adoption of the Lisbon Treaty in December.

The Charlemagne Prize failed to capture the notice of most Christians, but it shouldn’t have. Why? It represents the current fulfillment of an ancient Bible prophecy.

The award is another demonstration that the European Union — geographically and sociopolitically — sees itself as a revival of the Roman Empire. EU leaders make frequent Roman allusions in their institutions, art and documents. In a speech in 2005, EU high representative Javier Solana said that 1957 — when the Treaty of Rome was signed — marked the date when the”‘Europeans rekindled the sacred fire” that was extinguished when the Roman Empire was conquered in 410. Read the speech here.

What’s fascinating about this is that, millennia ago, the Bible prophesied that the final world kingdom would be a revival of the Roman Empire (Daniel 2:40-43).

Yet, since prophecy isn’t taught in most churches and seminaries today, most Christians won’t see it.

— Holly Pivec