‘Simmering discontent’ with Ashton

Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign minister, is facing growing criticism. Photo credit: Spanish EU presidency

A growing number of EU leaders are lambasting Catherine Ashton’s performance as foreign minister. Here’s the opening paragraph of an article published today by The [U.K.] Times Online :

“Simmering discontent across the European Union with Baroness Ashton of Upholland’s performance as its first foreign minister turned into outright criticism yesterday as several senior politicians from member states attacked her for missing a key defence meeting.” Read the full article here.

The Times article noted that Spain’s biggest-selling daily newspaper ran an article this week headlined: “The disappointments of Baroness Ashton.”

A Russian news service also published an analysis piece about the “general discontent” with Ashton. See it here.

Both The Times article and the Russian piece noted that EU leaders made an unfavorable comparison between Ashton and her predecessor, Javier Solana.

Is their discontent with Ashton just typical buyer’s remorse, or will they decide to replace her?

— Holly Pivec