Reader Mail

Here is a good question we received today from an FP reader.

You’re the first I’ve seen bring the 10-nation alliance to people’s attention. I only learned of it through your site — so thank you. My suspicion was that the 10-nation alliance would be complete when the current G8 grants China and India membership status.

I just have a quick question. Do you have specific reasons why you feel it’s likely the WEU vs. a future build out of the G8? It would seem the expanded G8 would be much more representative of World Power than the much smaller players in the WEU…

Good question. The reason we believe the 10-nation WEU is a better fit than an expanded G8 is because the WEU nations are from the geographical region of the old Roman Empire. According to Bible prophecy, the 10 nations will come out of a revived Roman Empire. Daniel 7:7-8 shows that the 10 horns (the 10 nations/kings) and the “little horn” who rises over them (the Antichrist) will come from out of the fourth beast (symbolic of the Roman Empire). And Daniel 9:26 says that “the people of the prince who is to come” will destroy the city and the sanctuary. We know from history that it was the Romans who sacked Jerusalem and the temple in AD 70. So, again we see that the Antichrist will come from the people of the Roman Empire.