It’s puzzling — I don’t know how else to say it. It’s puzzling that the information FP has been trying to get out for years about Javier Solana and the 10-nation WEU has finally received major media attention — not-so-thanks to the criminal actions of a wacko militia group. Read about it here

This negative publicity for the Solana/WEU theory has come at the very time when it seems, from all outside appearances, that the theory is crumbling: Solana has retired and the WEU announced it intends to dissolve the 10-nation alliance by June 2011.

Yet the prophetic significance of a 10-nation military alliance rising out of the European Union — and Solana’s role in it — is hard to dismiss. I can’t write off Solana just yet, considering the EU leaders’ loud displeasure with his successor, Catherine Ashton. And I can’t write off the WEU yet, especially considering that it plans to be around for over a year.

The pieces to the prophetic puzzle aren’t in place. But, oddly, many of the pieces are there. I’ve noticed that others, on the discussion board, have also commented on how strange this all is.

Is the Solana/WEU theory really crumbling? Stay tuned.

— Holly Pivec