Prophetic Signs of 2002 — What Herb Thinks

The following is a list of some of the signs that have occurred in 2002 that may indicate the Day of the Lord is near. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the signs that have occurred in 2002 with possible prophetic significance — only those that have been reported here on

January 2002: Spain took over the European Union’s six-month rotating presidency. This is significant because Spain is a member of the EU’s new 10-nation military alliance.

February 2002: The Convention on the Future of Europe began. This is significant because the Convention is tasked with coming up with an acceptable structure for the new, super EU and super EU presidency. It is also tasked with creating the new Constitution of Rome.

March 2002: The United States sponsored UN Resolution 1397 calling for the creation of a Palestinian state. A few days later the US also backed UN Resolution 1402 calling for Israel to withdraw from the territories. This is significant because, for the first time in history, the US has been seen as siding against Israel in the Security Council.

April 2002: The International Criminal Court was officially installed as an agency of the United Nations. This is significant because the I.C.C. was established by the Rome Statute to be the first court in history with international jurisdiction — even over nations that have not ratified the statute.

May 2002: A campaign to bring Israel into the EU officially began in Brussels. This is significant because, if Israel becomes part of the EU, the map of Europe would once again look much like the old Roman Empire. And, a revival of the old Roman Empire is predicted in prophecy.

June 2002: Three members of the EU’s 10-nation military alliance, the Benelux nations — Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands — broke ranks with the other members and called for strengthening the Commission instead of the Council. This may be significant because, when the Antichrist comes to power with his 10-nation alliance, he is to pull three of the 10 out by their roots.

June 2002: The Seville summit adopted the modified Solana Reforms, giving more power to the Council and undercutting the power of the Commission. This may be significant because the Council is where the 10-nation alliance has its headquarters.

September 2002: The Danish presidency introduced the “Road Map” concept that becomes the centerpiece to the Quartet’s efforts to bring peace to the Middle East. This may be significant because the Antichrist is to broker some kind of seven-year agreement with Israel. And, the Antichrist is to come from this revived form of the Roman Empire we’re now seeing in the new, super EU.

November 2002: The UN Security Council votes 15-0 to back the US in an attempt to force Iraq to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. This may be significant because I believe prophecy indicates that the ancient city of Babylon will reappear in the last days, only to be destroyed later in one hour with fire. The coming war against Iraq may well bring this about.

November 2002: NATO approves a “big bang” enlargement allowing seven former East Block nations into the alliance. This is significant because these new NATO members shift the political balance away from Washington and to Europe. Again, this is an fulfillment of prophecy about the revival of the Roman Empire.

December 2003: The Copenhagen summit officially approves the addition of 10 new nations into the EU. And, a breakthrough is finally reached allowing the EU’s new Rapid Reaction Force to become a reality. These events are significant because they may have set the stage for the final events of end-time prophecy — the appearance of the foretold 10-horned beast.

Yes, 2002 has been a very exciting year for us students of Bible prophecy. But, it looks like 2003 is going to be even more exciting.

Stay tuned!

— Herb Peters