Petro-Euro: Franco-German Agenda? — What Herb Thinks

Following Secretary of State Colin Powell’s dramatic and convincing proof before the UN Security Council that Saddam Hussein was hiding WMDs, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld paid a visit to Munich, Germany, expecting to gain NATO’s full support for war against Iraq. Yet, to Rumsfeld’s noticeable shock, Germany’s foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, said he was still “simply not convinced” by Powell’s evidence (Read about it here).

Rumsfeld’s noticeable shock, however, turned into noticeable anger when he learned France and Germany were not only still against the war, they were also secretly working together on a plan to be presented at the critical next meeting in the Security Council.

Where is the EU’s High Representative, Javier Solana, on this issue? Well, publicly he’s where you’ll usually find him on a decisive issue — balancing on some thin fence somewhere in the middle. On the one hand Solana shrewdly acknowledges that Powell’s evidence was “irrefutable.” On the other hand he says the UN Security Council — not Washington — is the one who should deal with the problem.

However, it’s not Solana’s public stand I’m really interested in. You see, as I’ve pointed out before, Solana doesn’t just refuse to follow American leadership, he always beats a different drum.

No sooner had president George W. Bush said Iraq, North Korea and Iran were a dangerous axis of evil that should be isolated, Solana instead invited the president of Iran to private meetings in Brussels in an attempt to develop deeper economic ties between Iran and the EU.

It was also during this period Solana was busy touring the other oil-producing Gulf states. Again, the reports said Solana was attempting to develop deeper economic ties between the Gulf states and the EU.

What does Solana’s attempts to develop deeper ties with Iran and the other oil-producing states have to do with France and Germany uniting against America’s war with Iraq?

Here’s what I suspect: If America changes the existing Middle East equation and occupies Iraq and the Iraqi oil fields — the world’s second largest proven oil reserves — it could reinforce the dollar and and help prevent OPEC from switching to the Euro.

Please understand, I’m not suggesting that protecting the dollar is America’s real reason for war with Iraq. I’m only saying some may fear this could be one of the results. And, there are forces in this world who don’t wish good for America.

You see, I’ve begun to suspect a large part of Solana’s plans for establishing deeper economic ties between the EU and these oil-producing states may include convincing these states to switch from the dollar to the Euro. Why? Because if OPEC switched to the Euro it would ultimately lead to the collapse of the dollar and the Euro would replace the dollar as the world’s primary currency. In other words, the EU would take America’s place as the world’s dominant economic power.

Think about it: Could this be the real reason France and Germany refuse to support America’s war against Iraq? Could these two recently anti-American nations be attempting to prevent America from occupying the Iraqi oil fields and, in their opinion, strengthening the petro-dollar? In fact, are they actually working behind the scenes to do the opposite — to replace the petro-dollar with the petro-Euro?

Let’s take this a little further: Could this be part of a plan that began unfolding back in 2000 with the adoption and implementation of the 10-nation WEU’s Assembly Recommendation 666 under the leadership of Solana and the French EU presidency?

I don’t know. I’m just speculating. However, I’m as amazed by France and Germany’s joint action against the US over Iraq as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. And, this leaves me wondering if there might be something more behind these two nations’ shocking refusal to back NATO’s support of America than what is on the surface.

Here’s my point: When you consider the effect an OPEC switch to the Euro could have on America’s economy, and the fact that the Bible prophecies predict a 10-nation-led revival of the Roman Empire in the end times, a hidden Franco-German agenda to replace the petro-dollar with the petro-Euro does make a certain amount of sense.

Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

Stay tuned!

— Herb Peters