Our New Position Statement and Future Plans for FP

We have decided to change the position statement of Fulfilled Prophecy. See the new statement by clicking here or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Our former position stated we believed that a strong case could be made that the 70th Week of Daniel may have started on Jan. 1, 2007, with the launch of the “European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument” (ENPI). While we will continue to watch this particular theory, we no longer feel comfortable with it being part of the official position of Fulfilled Prophecy.

We have always stressed that the ENPI theory is just that – a theory. Like any other theory, it should be followed or abandoned as the evidence leads.

For the ENPI theory to remain valid, my father – Herb Peters, the founder of FP – believed that some significant events needed to occur by now that haven’t – such as peace in the Middle East and the appearance of the abomination of desolation. The fact that they haven’t yet occurred leaves two options: (1) either the ENPI theory has failed; or (2) the ENPI theory is valid, but his – and our – assumptions about what needed to occur by this point in time were mistaken. At this moment, we can’t say definitively which option is the correct one.

Because of our uncertainty about the continuing validity of the ENPI theory, the question might be asked, “Will FP go on?”

The answer is, yes, Lord willing. Whether or not the ENPI theory fails, we intend to “stay tuned” to the prophecies, as my dad often urged his readers.

It could be that the ENPI and the 10 Brussels Treaty nations still have roles to play. So we will keep reporting on these entities to see if the theory will pan out in ways other than he had originally theorized. We will also report on the moves toward global governance, the evolution of the EU beast, the Middle East talks, as well as the Alliance of Civilizations and other “interfaith” efforts.

Though we’ve modified our position statement, our mission statement remains the same – along with our major purpose to watch for the signs of Christ’s return as Jesus commanded us to do.

As part of this effort, I, Holly, plan to continue providing relevant news links. And I intend to expand upon my father’s original work by devoting much of my time to researching and writing commentaries about the apostolic-prophetic movement – a fast-growing movement of false apostles and false prophets that Jesus warned about. This research will be housed on my blog, Spirit of Error – though my articles will also pop up on FP’s front page, as many of you have already discovered.

In light of our new position statement and our expanded areas of research, we ask you to take this opportunity to prayerfully reassess your level of financial support of the ministry. A number of you have given faithfully and generously through the years, and we are very grateful to you – more than words could say. But perhaps God is calling you to change your current support – maybe to end it if you see the changed position statement as a natural stopping point – or maybe to start it up if you believe FP is worth continuing.

If you have been challenged, strengthened or encouraged by FP or by my work on Spirit of Error – if you believe they are valuable resources for others or if you have found meaningful community on FP’s discussion board – then we ask you to consider becoming a monthly Supporting Member or giving a one-time donation. Learn how here.

We believe FP is a worthy, end-time endeavor. Will you join us in it?

Here is our new position statement:

We, at Fulfilled Prophecy, believe that the end-time study should not be just for kooks or extremists – as it is so often portrayed. It should be seen as a worthwhile pursuit for level-headed Christians who love God, are serious about the things of God, and long for Christ’s return – without neglecting their duties here and now.

Our goal for Fulfilled Prophecy is not only that it will address a neglected topic, but also that it will raise the level of discussion about the end times – by presenting a more biblically sound and thoughtful approach to the study than is often seen today.

We realize that focusing on the end times is frowned upon by a number of evangelical leaders and seminaries today. Their concerns are due, in part, to the mistakes made by prophecy teachers who have promoted overly sensational, strange and unbiblical teachings as well as conspiracy theories.

Yet, the fact that mistakes have been made in the study of the end times is not good reason to throw out the study entirely. Jesus and the apostles spoke a lot about the last days – warning God’s people to watch for their arrival and be ready for Christ’s return. Many of the books of the Old Testament have a great deal to say about the final days. And the book of Revelation focuses almost entirely on the end times – and promises a special blessing to those who heed its words (Revelation 1:3).

Since Scripture devotes attention to the end times, we believe Christians should follow suit.

In order to raise the level of discussion about the end times, we will:

• Seek to develop sound understandings of the prophecies by studying them within their historical and literary contexts before looking for fulfillments of the prophecies. In other words, we will not start with current events and try to force-fit them into the prophecies.

• Build a solid theological framework where “eschatology” — the study of the end times – finds its proper place without neglecting other important theological truths.

• Watch for the major, concrete signs God has given us – like a strengthened covenant and the appearance of the abomination of desolation – rather than more nebulous and speculative signs, like an increase in the frequency of earthquakes or famines.

• Challenge popular teachings about the end times that are not found in Scripture.

• Encourage healthy discussion and debate on our discussion board among people with different perspectives on prophecy.

— Holly Pivec