One Step Back, Two Forward — What Herb Thinks

I’m thinking about naming my second book Recommendation 666 II: The Return of the Roman Empire. The first part of the title, Recommendation 666 II, was never in doubt. But, the second part of the title hasn’t come as easy for me. Let me try to explain why.

If you’ve read my first book, or have spent time on, you know I believe there are a few keys to help us understand Bible prophecy and keep us on the right course. One important key is to remember to follow the prophetic road signs.

Road signs are events that were foretold in Scripture and are now documented in history — such as the rebirth of Israel in 1948. The reason keeping our eyes on the road signs is important is because, if we don’t, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the details and go off course. I believe this is what has happened to many good prophecy teachers in the past. And if I’m not very careful, it could happen to me just as easily.

In fact, if I hadn’t kept my eyes on the road signs, I would never have discovered that amazing document that made it all happen — the Western European Union’s Assembly Recommendation 666.

You see, just at that critical point in history when the 10-nation WEU alliance was preparing to make its move to become the military wing of the European Union, all the news reports were saying just the opposite — they were saying the WEU was going completely out of business.

But, because I knew the road signs, I kept my eyes on this 10-nation alliance anyway. And sure enough, when France — a WEU nation — took over the EU’s presidency in July 2000, instead of going out of business the 10 WEU nations were made the official military wing of the EU instead.

You see, once again I suspect the news reports are telling us the opposite of what is really going on. Today’s reports are all saying the EU’s common foreign and security policy is in shambles. Even Javier Solana, the EU’s first high representative and the man who helped France implement Recommendation 666, is saying he has failed. Read about it here.

However, the road signs are saying something else — they are telling us to keep our eyes on them and not the details. In fact, it’s been my experience the details will sometimes appear to take one step back just before they take two steps forward.

And, sure enough, the EUobserver is reporting that General Gustav Hagglund, chairman of the EU’s Military Committee, is calling for the creation of a homeland security system for the EU member states like the one being created for the United States. Read about it here.

Why did this report catch my attention? Because, I think this is actually his boss’ — Solana’s — idea. The reason I think this is because, in his recent speeches, Solana has been warning that the EU needs to do more to protect itself from terror attacks.

And, General Hagglund didn’t stop with just calling for the creation of a homeland security system for the EU, he went on to say the EU’s military wing should take over NATO’s role in Europe. This is how he put it: “In order to avoid a situation with two organizations, the EU and NATO, operating in the same field, the EU could constitute the European pillar of a renewed NATO.”

And, again I think this is Solana’s idea. Recently, Solana managed to talk the US and NATO into allowing his new military wing to use NATO assets.

Here’s my point: Once again the reports are telling us the EU’s new common foreign and security policy is in a state of collapse. And, once again, we are being tempted to look at the details that appear to be taking a step back in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

However, I think the truth is we’re on the brink of seeing two more steps forward.

Stay tuned!

— Herb Peters