No. 3 On World Wide Web — What Herb Thinks

According to Alexa, FP has become No. 3 for most popular end-time Web sites on the World Wide Web. FP is now only ranked behind the highly popular Rapture Ready and Hal Lindsey’s Oracle. Read about it here.

If you’re familiar with FP’s humble beginnings, you realize that to attain to such a high ranking comes to me as a very unexpected and deeply felt honor. I would like to think that FP’s success is a result of my great skills as a reporter and Web master. Unfortunately, I know that’s not the case. The reason FP has become so popular is because FP is one of the few places that God’s people can go to find the news that’s still not being reported by the other leading ministries.

The truth is, it saddens me to see the other ministries continuing to ignore such potentially important information. With FP so high on Alexa’s ranking, it’s hard to believe the other end-time ministries aren’t completely aware of everything we’ve been reporting. Yet, as of this date, except for my friend Constance Cumbey’s blogspot, FP remains almost completely alone on the World Wide Web.

Friday night Constance and I were guests on Pastor Layton Smith’s radio show. Pastor Smith has a large, Christian listening audience in New York City and the surrounding regions — all the way up into Canada. Pastor Smith’s radio program is even heard in some other countries. Friends, the unreported news is finally getting out — big time.

This brings us to the reason I posted FP’s ranking. It’s evident that FP is providing valuable information to God’s people — information other ministries are either ignoring, or, for some reason, not willing to accept. If that were not the case, FP would not be No. 3 on the World Wide Web. Yet, at the same time, FP’s support remains as low as ever.

Here’s my point: If it wasn’t for what God’s doing through FP, the information about the 10-nation Western European Union (WEU), the appearing of the first Mr. Europe, the WEU’s Assembly Recommendation 666 and Mr. Europe’s 1995 Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for Peace, all this important information may have never reached God’s people.

FP is bearing much fruit for the kingdom.

And FP needs your support.

— Herb Peters