Looking Back, Looking Forward

The news FP began reporting in 2002 is still as relevant today.

We hate to ask for money and do so as little as possible. But we could use your help.

The economic downturn has hurt many of our readers’ businesses, and support has declined. At the same time, the information on FP is more urgent than ever — as ancient Bible prophecies are being fulfilled daily before our eyes.

A Look Back

The other day — just for fun — a member of our discussion board linked to a site that shows how Fulfilled Prophecy looked back in 2002 — when it was founded. See it here.

Some of you will remember those early days. The founder — my father, Herb Peters — couldn’t find a publisher for his book, Recommendation 666. Convinced it contained crucial information about the rise of the Antichrist’s kingdom, he decided to start a Web site. He had no Web design skills, but taught himself with a book.

His primary purpose was to report the events that are recorded in his book. His secondary mission was to follow the events to see where they went — to see if they were, in fact, the actual fulfillments of prophecy.

Thanks to his diligent reporting and God’s grace, FP quickly became one of the most popular prophecy sites. From the discovery of a 10-nation military alliance in Western Europe to the appearance of the first Mr. Europe to the possible start of Daniel’s 70th Week, Herb guided his readers on an amazing journey of end-time events. Then, Herb died unexpectedly of colon cancer in June 2007.

A Look Forward

My husband, Adam, and I took over the site. Since then, we’ve not only kept the information Herb reported online and followed the end-time news, but — by God’s grace and the financial support of our readers — the site is still ranked No. 1 for end-time news by Alexa.

Beyond that, we’ve also redesigned the site and updated the discussion board to give them a more professional look and greater access to their information. We’re currently finishing transferring all my dad’s commentaries to the archives — a very time-consuming task. Then, our next goal is to start advertising the site in other Christian venues.

FP is unique. It remains the only major end-time site to follow the theory that the 70th Week of Daniel may have begun Jan. 1, 2007. If you believe in what we’re doing and have benefited from FP, please consider financially supporting us. You can become a monthly Supporting Member or make single donations here.

Thank you for helping people all over the world “stay tuned” to Bible prophecy.

— Holly and Adam Pivec