Lights Out

On Saturday, millions of people in 125 countries observed Earth Hour by turning off all the lights in their homes for 60 minutes. Read more about it here. Many of the world’s famous landmarks also turned out their lights including the Eiffel Tower, Beijing’s Forbidden City and the Empire State Building.

Started in 2007, the annual event is designed to show that, by working together, people can win the fight against climate change. But is Earth Hour a “beacon of hope” — as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said — or is it a powerful picture of the growing spiritual darkness?

My father — Herb Peters, the founder of Fulfilled Prophecy — had an expression he used to describe people who are clueless about spiritual realities — “lights out.” That expression came to my mind when I read this article about Earth Hour.

It’s alarming to me that millions of people can’t see through the climate change hysteria to the agenda that lies behind it — global governance. They don’t see it even when several world leaders have openly stated that global governance is their agenda. And Bible prophecy shows us that global governance will give rise to the Antichrist.

But, silly me. Of course, most people can’t see it. They may be home, but their lights are out.

— Holly Pivec