It’s About Time — What Herb Thinks

People are finally starting to notice. Although they may not yet understand what it means, people are beginning to realize what I’ve been saying here on for the last year now — there is something big going on in the European Union.

The shock on their faces said it all. American and NATO leaders where completely blindsided by the recent actions taken by France and Germany. Read about it here. Not only did France and Germany refuse to allow NATO to send assets to protect a fellow NATO member, Turkey, these so-called allies actually joined forces with Russia and China in the UN Security Council to oppose America.

Even former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen wasn’t able anymore to paint over this widening crack in the Western alliance. If you recall, it was Cohen, under the Clinton administration, who had once warned if the EU went ahead with its plans to develop its own independent military command structures, NATO would become a relic of the past.

After the EU heads made the decision back in 2000 to do what Cohen had warned them against with the implementation of Assembly Recommendation 666, I had the opportunity to personally ask Cohen if this meant the end of NATO like he said.

His answer startled me. He looked me in the eye and said he didn’t think an independent EU military had actually happened. He said he thought it was all for show — to make the European people think they had their own EU military command structure.

At that moment, I realized that even Cohen was falling for the euro-spin coming out of Brussels. In other words, when Cohen approached the European leaders with the Clinton administration’s concerns about the EU developing its own military command structures under Javier Solana in the Council of Ministers, the EU leaders evidently assured Cohen that it was only for show. And, the Clinton administration bought it — hook, line and sinker.

But, as I said, now even Cohen is finally realizing and admitting something big is going on in the EU — something that’s not good for America. In a recent interview, he said he was afraid this recent split in NATO was very serious. He went on to say he believed the real reason for the split was France’s desire to forge a new military alliance that, instead of working with America, would compete against America.

So, here we have it. This is what I wrote my book about and what I’ve been saying on for the past year. Something big is going on in the EU. And, it all started under the French EU presidency and the implementation of Recommendation 666.

Now important people are finally beginning to notice.

It’s about time.

— Herb Peters