Iran’s Evil Deal — What Herb Thinks

It couldn’t be clearer what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants. He wants the destruction of Israel Read about it here.

So, it’s obvious what Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, may mean when he says a requirement for improving relations with the EU is the “redefinition” of the EU’s role in the ongoing nuclear crisis. Read about it here. I think he may want the EU to side with Iran in seeing the existence of Israel as being the source of the world’s problems.

And, in light of the above two reports, it’s also obvious to me why the EU’s Javier Solana may not have been able to provide Iran with satisfactory answers at his recent meeting with Larijani. If, in fact, Larijani’s questions touched on issues surrounding the above mentioned “redefinition” of the EU’s role and the West’s position regarding the existence of Israel, Solana would naturally have to consult with the EU heads and the other members of the G-8 group of nations before answering. Read about it here.

Before we consider our final piece of news, let’s bring what we have together. First, Iran’s president made his bottom line in the negotiations clear — he wants the destruction of Israel. Second, he wants the EU and the international community to start seeing the nature of the ongoing nuclear problem his way. And, third, he wants the EU’s Solana to convey his feelings regarding Israel as the problem to the other Western leaders. Now, let’s look at our last bit of news:

Iran warned the Group of Eight Sunday against making any decisions on Iran’s nuclear program without consulting it first, arguing that this could harm Tehran’s talks with the European Union. Read about it here.

In other words, as the G-8 has given full power of attorney to Solana to represent their interests in negotiating an end to the ongoing Iranian nuclear crisis, Iran has vested Solana with full power of attorney regarding their offer to the West concerning the ultimate destruction of Israel.

That’s Iran’s evil deal. Take it or leave it.

— Herb Peters