How Will It End? — What Herb Thinks

The news coming from the war isn’t good. Despite continuing optimistic statements from the White House and military officials, it’s becoming increasingly evident the war is going badly.

And, if you’ve been following the news, you are aware of the reports that claim the reason the war is going badly is because of misjudgments made by top Bush administration officials. Read about it here.

This brings us face to face with an uncomfortable question: Just how badly is the war going? To make matters worse, the media is churning out so many different answers to our question it’s only adding fuel to our concern.

Perhaps it was my frustration over this issue that caused me to come down a little hard in my last commentary, Who’s Watching the Store? In fact, a few of you thought I came down a little too hard. Some of you didn’t. Either way, I didn’t mean to offend anybody.

If you read the commentary, you know where I put most of the blame. If mistakes in judgment were in fact made by America’s top political leaders over this war, I put more blame on America’s spiritual leaders than America’s political leaders. If you want to know why, please read the commentary — it’s linked above.

Back to that question: Just how badly is the war going? And this leads us to what I believe to be our real question: How will it end?

This is what I think. Only God knows the future. In fact, God is already in the future waiting for us there. And, to prove this wonderful fact to His children, He reveals a little about what He sees in the future in Bible prophecy. And, I believe prophecy may provide us a glimpse of what is about to come out of this Iraqi war.

Last October I posted a commentary about the then future Iraqi war titled, “Babylon: An America Empire?” And, I ended my commentary by asking:

Will America soon occupy this city (Babylon) on the ground also? And, will America hand Iraq and the city of Babylon over to the UN for peacekeeping and nation building. If so, we’d certainly have another amazing, literal, fulfillment of Bible prophecy — the nations God scattered at Babel finally reuniting and returning to their ancient homeland, the Babylon of the book of Revelation.

Here was my reasoning: In Scripture the title “Babylon” for a city or nation is seen to move depending on the power that controls things. This being the case, I believe the title “Babylon” today could be applied to America. Furthermore, America is the first place the nations God scattered at the Tower of Babel have been able to come back together, and it worked. In fact, America is actually called the “melting pot of the nations.”

However, I don’t believe America will continue to hold this title — I think it will be passed on to the United Nations. You see, the UN was created by America, in America’s own image. So, I believe the UN — with America’s economic and military help — may end up becoming the Babylon we find mentioned in the book of Revelation. And, if it does, this would explain why some of the descriptions of this Babylon we find in Revelation seem to fit America so well.

So, how will it end? I believe Bible prophecy indicates America will win her war in Iraq. However, I’m afraid the war could end up being more costly than planned. And, I believe this war may ultimately lead to the end of America’s dominance over the Mediterranean and the rise of the UN in America’s place. Read about it here.

Of course, I could end up being wrong — there are other ways the prophecies can be fulfilled. But, there is one thing I know for certain — all the prophecies in the Bible will be fulfilled exactly as written.

How do I know this?

Because God is already there.

— Herb Peters