Hoping It’s Not Solana — What Herb Thinks

Not only does CNN’s Headline News personality and popular radio talk show host Glenn Beck believe in a coming Antichrist, he’s hoping it’s not Javier Solana.

If you are not familiar with Glenn Beck, here’s his picture.

July 26, on his nationally syndicated radio program, Beck talked about a guy with a genius IQ, who came out of nowhere, who is powerful, who is playing a role in the Middle East, and his name is Javier Solana.

Boy is Beck right. And, I wonder why other people in the know can’t see it, too. From the moment the crisis began, Solana was on the move. He first consulted with the most important member in his 10-nation Western Europe Union (WEU) alliance — British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Next Solana suddenly showed up in Beirut, meeting with the Lebanese Prime Minister. In the meantime, Blair at the G-8 is overheard on a microphone inadvertently left on conveying an offer of some kind through President Bush to deliver to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Soon after Rice had dinner with Solana, who by now had not only returned to Brussels to brief the EU’s 25 foreign ministers, he had traveled all the way to New York for the dinner with Rice and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Today in Washington George Bush and Tony Blair held a joint news conference. I think I know why. You see, no one can pitch a deal to the American people better than Blair, especially not Bush. And, in what may have been a revealing moment at the beginning of the conference, Bush made a joke about what happened at the G-8 and tapped his microphone to see if it was on. I say revealing because I believe the offer that Blair was overheard delivering to Rice may be the package that we’re now seeing Blair pitch to the American people. Let’s look at some screen shots from the conference. Notice the words beneath Blair added by Fox News.

According to this report, Monday there will be a meeting at the UN to work out the makeup of the international forces that are to be deployed in the region. Read about it here. And, Bush said at the conference that a UN resolution would be pursued in order to implement the package. Friends, this package has Solana’s name all over it. If you recall, one of Solana’s recommendations to the Council is to create a new international order by empowering the UN — both militarily and legally, and talking the US into joining him on his venture. And, this current Middle East crisis is the perfect place to start.

And, if no one else is, Glenn Beck is noticing. In fact, Beck continues his comments about Solana by talking about things that I suspect may have come directly from the overview posted at the top of FP’s homepage. Beck says in 1999 the document that appointed Solana to his position was, out over 1,100 documents, numbered 666. And, in 2000, Solana was given emergency powers with Recommendation 666.

Now the question is, does Beck really understand the implications of what he’s saying? I think he does. In fact, I suspect Beck my actually be sending Internet traffic our way. Beck ends by encouraging people to Google these these things about Solana for themselves. He says:

Look him up. Do your own homework. Follow him. Well respected guy. Most likely, not the guy. Javier Solana. I’m hoping that the Antichrist isn’t even alive. But I’m hoping, that he’s not even alive.

In other words, stay tuned.

— Herb Peters