God: The EU’s Troubling Question — What Herb Thinks

I must admit, I’m always amused a little when I hear about unbelieving political leaders who are attempting to answer a spiritual question. And, when it comes to the leaders of the European Union, the idea strikes me as absolutely hilarious.

If you recall, just last August it was reported that artists from around Europe wanted to enlighten Copenhagen, the seat of the then Danish EU Presidency. In other words, they wanted to enlighten the leaders of the EU.

How did they achieve this enlightenment? Each artist set up their own little light show to enlighten, and in some cases purify, all the EU’s leaders as they walk in and out of the government buildings. According to the report, the lights were to send a clear signal of enlightenment to the powers of darkness.

Did the artists’ attempt at enlightenment work? Well, let’s take a look at the European leader who may need enlightenment the most, Valery Giscard d’Estaing. Giscard, as you may know, is the chairman of the Convention on the Future of Europe. And, Giscard has a turtle with a dragon’s head sitting on his desk guiding his way. He says it represents longevity and prudence.

Now it’s being reported that Giscard’s Convention is having to deal with the troubling question of religion’s place in the new Constitution of Rome that is to go into effect in December 2004. Read about it here.

Again, I have to laugh a little.

Perhaps Giscard’s turtle will provide these EU leaders a wise answer.

— Herb Peters