Global Rec. 666 — What Herb Thinks

As the pieces came together, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It appears that Recommendation 666 may be going global!

I knew Javier Solana’s possible connection to the UN’s new Alliance of Civilizations (AOC). If you recall, the UN initiative was the idea of Solana’s fellow Spanish Socialist Party member, Spain’s prime minister, Jose Luis Zapatero. And, I also knew from my research that the AOC had signs of being Solana’s 1995 Barcelona Process going global. But, I never dreamed that there was a Recommendation 666 connection. As I said before, Recommendation 666 may also be going global. In order to explain, let’s first look at today’s news.

Yesterday former president Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative held a conference, and one of the speakers was Javier Solana. And, it was something Solana said that opened my eyes:

The divide that persists in the world is more profound than we think, and we better be aware of that. It’s not getting smaller, but growing. He also warned listeners that Muslims should not be provoked, even for the sake of free speech and open thought.

In other words, Solana believes the time for freedom of speech and thought is over. And, Solana also believes in creating a global police state through the use of the CIMIC concept he first introduced to the European Union when implementing his 10-nation Western European Union’s Assembly Recommendation 666. Solana said:

Noting that governments could take action to prevent the divide from growing further, Solana stressed that this might not be enough, and civil society elements should assume a role to establish ties between the civilizations. Read it here.

Let’s take another look at the WEU’s Assembly Recommendation 666.

Below is a close-up of recommendation No. 12 that I underlined above — the one that provides the EU’s High Representative emergency powers. Notice that these powers extend to the EU’s newly created civil crisis-management machinery.

Below we find this crisis-management machinery called Civil Military Cooperation, or CIMIC. As you see, Solana’s Recommendation 666 introduced the concept to the European Union. The idea behind CIMIC is that by linking civilian elements with military elements, a small military can greatly increase its power. And, this is one reason so few in America have recognized the full strength of what Solana is creating.

Let’s take another look at what Solana said.

Friends, it appears that the UN’s Alliance of Civilizations may actually be Solana’s Recommendation 666 going global.

Stay tuned!

— Herb Peters