Global Government and the Copenhagen Conference — What Holly Thinks

Christopher Monckton warns that the Copenhagen Conference has a hidden agenda.

World leaders will gather in Copenhagen in December to sign a UN pact to fight climate change. But Christopher Monckton — science adviser to Margaret Thatcher and a leading climate change critic — warns that the real agenda behind the conference is global government.

I believe that Monckton’s recent speech – given at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota — is a must-see for students of Bible prophecy. It is lengthy, but it shows how the UN has fabricated scientific data to support the claim that climate change is a crisis. See it here.

Yet, world leaders — like EU high representative Javier Solana — continuously refer to the falsified UN data to argue for global government. See Solana’s March 2008 report on climate change, where he begins his report by citing findings from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Read it here.

Solana also has said that the EU “must use all its levers to achieve an ambitious outcome” at the Copenhagen conference (see page 12 of his Report on the Implementation of the European Security Strategy). One of those levers is a visit he and other senior EU officials plan to pay to President Barack Obama, Nov. 3, in Washington. See more here.

Obama is expected to sign the pact, but Solana and other world leaders want to make certain that happens.

— Holly Pivec