Flip Flop? — What Herb Thinks

Some are wondering why I dealt with the events of Sept. 11, 2001. After all, FulfilledProphecy is a Bible prophecy Web site, not a conspiracy theory Web site. There are, they say, plenty of those around. What makes FulfilledProphecy different is, although it covers the news, it sticks to the Bible for answers.

In order to better explain, let me say this first: I’ve had people tell me I should disconnect FulfilledProphecy from our discussion board. The reason being, there were views and feelings being expressed on the board that were not consistent with the message I was trying to get out. This being the case, the discussion board could discredit FulfilledProphecy.

There may be some truth to this complaint. However, if it weren’t for our discussion board, I would have no way of knowing what’s going in the minds of our community. And, I believe our community is a microcosm of the greater evangelical community.

The fact is, I believe some of the conspiracy theories going around today are having a seriously negative affect on some of God’s people. It’s not that I think the theories are turning God’s people to accept the Antichrist’s coming kingdom. What I suspect they’re doing is planting the idea there’s nothing we can do about anything so why try. The most obvious example of this is, many of God’s people have come to believe there’s no use even in voting. They think, no matter who wins, it won’t make any difference anyway.

Friends, it’s my opinion many American evangelicals, whether we admit it or not, are unknowingly becoming victims of the coming Antichrist’s disinformation campaign. A good example is the documentary I wrote about in my last commentary titled 9/11: In Plane Site. This is the documentary that attempts to make the case that the American government may have been involved in the events of September 11. If this were the case, why would any of us want to vote?

No, I’m not suggesting the makers of the documentary were knowingly working for the coming Antichrist’s kingdom that I believe may now be rising in Europe. All I’m saying is, I suspect the spirit behind the documentary may be a misleading spirit. And, if we evangelicals accept the conclusions, many of us may not vote at perhaps the most critical time in our history.

That’s why I examined the arguments being made by the documentary. We’re at a dangerous time when everything we decide to believe in should be carefully examined. I believe the news events I’ve been reporting from Europe suggest we are nearing the time of the end of the age that Jesus warned His disciples about. He told them not to allow themselves to be deceived by anybody (Matthew 24:4). And I’m sure you know, the Lord’s apostles all took Jesus’ warning seriously and many times took up the same warning.

Friends, let’s take care how we hear.

I almost forgot the article I posted. It was about how, if elected, John Kerry would march with the EU. Read about it here.

Question: What if Kerry gets elected and does another flip flop?

— Herb Peters