Finding Faith — What Herb Thinks

The Bible tells us that little is as important as our faith. Nevertheless, so much today can cause God’s children to lose their faith.

I started FP to help them find it again. Perhaps that’s why my approach to Bible prophecy has been a little different. Instead of picking a certain end-time scenario to defend, I’ve tried to stick with what the Scripture actually says and report only the facts. The way I see it, the closer I can stay to the Scripture and the facts, the less chance I have of being wrong. After all, it’s the Bible I want people to find their faith in, not my speculations.

Sadly, some of today’s prophecy teachers don’t appear to be so inclined. In their reporting, I often find them playing fast and loose with the facts. Friends, think about it: If that’s the way they handle facts, there’s no reason to think they’re any different when handling Scripture.

The record of events first reported in my book, and later continued here at FP, were not events that were noticeable to the causal observer. In order to have recognized these events as possible fulfillments of prophecy, I had to be looking in the right places. This brings up a very good question: Why was I alert to these events and our popular prophecy teachers weren’t? This is especially a good question when we consider that the events I’ve been reporting happened almost exactly as our old prophecy teachers foresaw.

And, this leads to another question. As of today, the series of events I’ve been reporting continue to go in the direction foretold. And, to any knowledgeable and objective person, this should lead to only one conclusion — the prophecies are being fulfilled. So, why are so many of our modern prophecy teachers remaining quiet?

You may be able to excuse their silence. But, in light of the facts now before us, I can’t. Like I said before, I started FP to help God’s people regain their faith. So, when I see the Bible coming true before my very eyes, I have to report it.

Even if it’s not the way I expected.

— Herb Peters