EU Getting Religion — What Herb Thinks

The EU beast is getting religion. Why? Because with religion comes values. And a kingdom without values is very difficult to rule. The trouble is, it doesn’t know which religion to pick.

What’s it to do? It will do what beasts do — in fact, what old King Nebuchadnezzar did. It will summon all the kingdom’s chief advisers and wise men to choose the religion that has the best values for his kingdom. This report says:

Amid lingering controversy over the lack of reference to Europe’s Christian heritage in the first-ever EU constitution, the Dutch EU presidency has summoned politicians and intellectuals to debate European values at a special conference on Tuesday. Read about it here.

Actually, if we’re seeing the fulfillment of the end-time prophecies, we should be expecting this. After all, there isn’t just one beast that comes on the scene in Europe — there are two. According to Revelation chapter 13, the first beast has 10 horns and comes from the sea. And, the second has two horns and comes from the earth. And, it’s this second beast that will enforce the mark people will have to take in order to buy or sell.

Later, in Revelation chapter 19, this second beast is called the False Prophet. That’s because this guy will perform signs and wonders for the purpose of directing the worship of the first beast.

Europe is already well prepared for the False Prophet’s arrival. The New Apostolic Reformation Movement (NARM) has pretty much taken over evangelical Christianity. And, it’s gaining followers by the thousands here in America now, too.

What is the NARM? It’s a fast-growing, demonically inspired, apostasy in our very own midst. What are the stated goals of this apostasy? It says it wants to restore prophets and apostles to the church. But, it’s what it doesn’t say that I find so dangerous. I believe its real desire is the undoing of the Reformation. It seeks the return of Protestants back to their so-called “mother” church — the Church of Rome. How will this movement accomplish this? With deceiving signs and wonders.

Friends, I believe the stage is already set for the False Prophet to appear.

And wouldn’t you know it?

The EU is getting religion.

— Herb Peters