Enough Time? — What Herb Thinks

I’ve never had a greater burden for God’s people than I do this morning. I can see them struggling to catch up — to make sense out of what’s happening. But, having gone through the struggle myself, I know how far the majority have yet to go. And, for so very, very many of God’s people, I fear there just isn’t enough time anymore. Things are happening too fast.

For example, this is the second time I’ve posted this article. Read about it here. Although it has today’s date, it evidently is a reprint from an earlier report. Nevertheless, it is filled with so many implications for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, I believe it should be looked at again. Only, this time, let’s look at it a little closer.

To begin with, at the bottom of this report we read:

“Prince El Hassan bin Talal is the president of the Club of Rome, moderator of the World Conference of Religions for Peace, and the president of the Arab Thought Forum.”

Here we find that this Hassan guy is not only a prince — that’s because he’s brother to Jordan’s late King Hussein — but, he’s also the president of the Club of Rome. If you recall, the EU’s Javier Solana is also a member of the Club of Rome. In fact, I write about the possible prophetic implications of this connection in my book in the chapter titled, “No Club Like Rome.” (It’s free to read here at FulfilledProphecy.)

But, Hassan is not just an important political figure in both the Middle East and the international community, he is also an Islamic religious leader. And, on top of this, he’s a key player in the rapidly growing interfaith movement. When we add all this together, what we have, in one person, is exactly what we would expect to see for someone who is playing a major role in setting up the end-time scenario that we find described in the book of Revelation.

As I’ve pointed out before, we even have the issue of the flow of water on the Jordanian border (Rev. 12: 13-17). You see, behind much of the geo-political maneuvering that is occurring in the biblical land of the Middle East, the real issue is water. From the Golan to the Dead Sea, an important, unresolved issue is over who will control the ever-diminishing supply of water in the rift valley area? Will it be Israel, Syria or Jordan?

Hassan has an idea. Pointing to how the EU began by establishing a trans-national authority over France and Germany’s coal and steel industry, Hassan is proposing the creation of a similar authority to oversee and control the region’s disputed water supply.

But, water isn’t the only conflict that Hassan thinks his trans-national authority could solve. He thinks it could solve the so-called “final status” issues over control of East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, too. The report says:

“The status of Jerusalem is still an unresolved question on both the local and international scenes. That question was specifically listed in the Jordanian-Israel Peace Treaty. The recognition by the three parties of the primacy of the moral and spiritual over the political importance of the city could lead to arrangements on the ground which satisfy the legitimate claims of the three Abrahamic faiths, and subsume the eventual political status of the city to this moral authority.”

Can you see it? Here we have an important Islamic religious leader with an idea for peace that, if implemented, could set the stage perfectly for the end-time events we see described in the book of Revelation. Not only that, we find that this same religious leader is connected in a direct way — as president of the Club of Rome — with not only what’s going on in the EU, but also to what’s going on in the UN’s ongoing restructuring and implementation of its so-called Millennial Declaration — which, if you recall, includes the establishment of an official UN religious authority.

Friends, as I write, the stage is being set before our very eyes.

But, is there enough time to realize it?

— Herb Peters