End As We Know It — What Herb Thinks

Ever since we heard the proposed 2010 completion date, we here at FP have been watching with interest the North American Union. The goal of the NAU is to eliminate trade barriers between Mexico, the United States and Canada. In other words, the NAU seeks to establish a free-trade zone over the entire North American continent.

Well, it looks like we here at FP have gained an interested party. It turns out CNN’s Lou Dobbs has also been taking notice of the NAU. But, for Dobbs, it’s for a different reason.

Anyone watching American TV know Dobbs’ primary concern. His issue is the need, as he sees it, for securing American’s borders. And, many times over, Dobbs has expressed his frustration over the Bush administration’s apparent reluctance to take action. Now, Dobbs thinks he finally knows the reason — the NAU. Dobbs believes Washington isn’t doing anything to seal America’s borders because it has a broader agenda — an agenda Dobbs believes “will end the United States as we know it.” See the video here.

Where have we students of prophecy heard similar words about the end of something as we know it before? That’s right, we heard them from Hal Lindsey. At the beginning of his bestselling book, The Late Great Planet Earth, Lindsey said:

I believe this generation is overlooking the most authentic voice of all, and that’s the voice of the Hebrew prophets. They predicted that as man neared the end of history as we know it that there would be a precise pattern of events … And all of this would be around the most important sign of all — that is the Jews returning to the land of Israel after thousands of years of being dispersed.

Now you know where I got the idea about our first great sign of Bible prophecy being the rebirth of the nation Israel. I got it from Lindsey. But, that’s for another commentary.

Back to the Dobbs video. At the start I mentioned what caught our attention at FP was something different from that of Dobbs. It was the NAU’s proposed completion date of 2010. To understand why, let’s take a look at something I posted on the 13th of last month. It’s titled “ The Market of Markets.” Read it here. Here’s some of what I said:

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited President George Bush at Camp David this week. According to the EUobserver, Rasmussen was meeting with Bush to sell his idea about creating the market of markets. Rasmussen’s plan is to establish a free-trade zone spanning both the European and North American continents. Read about it here. First, we have the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for Peace (Euro-Med) agreement … Included in this plan is to have a huge free-trade area in place by the year 2010. Read about it here. Next we have the six Persian Gulf states coming together in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. Their free-trade area is also to be in place by 2010. Read about it here. Then we have the North American Economic and Security Community forming between Mexico, the United States and Canada. It, too, is to be in place by 2010. Read about it here. Now, we read about Rasmussen’s plan to link this all together in a grand market of markets. Friends, if I were looking for a conspiracy theory, I sure could find one here.

Our interest at FP is how this market of markets may fit the end-time scenario. And, that’s why we can’t help but notice the NAU’s proposed completion date of 2010. The reason is 2010 falls in the middle of a coming seven-year period that we suspect could be the foretold 70th week of Daniel (Daniel 9:27). According to the prophecies, in the middle of Daniel’s 70th week the coming Antichrist will implement his global financial system associated with a mark on the hand or forehead (Rev. chapter 13). And, when that happens, it will truly be the end as we know it.

Just like Lou Dobbs says.

— Herb Peters