Did WWIII Begin With Rec. 666? — What Herb Thinks

It’s commonly held that World War III may have begun on Sept. 11, 2001. I suspect, however, it may have really begun on June 5, 2000. This is the date the 10-nation Western European Union adopted its Assembly Recommendation 666. Here’s why I have come to believe this way.

As I’ve been saying, people are finally catching on that something big is going on in the European Union — something not good for America. Last January the New York Post’s Daniel Pipes wrote an article titled “Europe vs. America.” In his article Pipes, an expert on the Middle East and world affairs, said he thought America wasn’t only at war with militant Islam, America was also at war with the European leftists (Read it here).

Now, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager is saying the same thing. Prager said, “There are now three ideologies competing to shape the future of mankind. They are militant Islam, Western European secularism and socialism, and American Judeo-Christianity and capitalism” (Read about it here).

Here’s the bottom line: Both Pipes and Prager believe that there are three super systems — America, militant Islam and the EU leftists — fighting for global dominance.

And, for us students of Bible prophecy, this leads us to some very frightening conclusions. Let’s take another look at the prophetic road signs before us. Road signs are events that were foretold in Scripture and now are documented in history.

  • 1948 Israel is reborn.
  • 1950 The Roman Empire begins reviving.
  • 1992 Israel begins saying, “Peace and Safety!”
  • 1995 A 10-nation military alliance appears in Europe.
  • 1999 The first Mr. Europe appears in the EU and over the 10-nation alliance.
  • 2000 France and Mr. Europe create an independent military command structure in the EU to compete with the US for global dominance and the Mediterranean.
  • And, they did it by implementing Recommendation 666.

And here’s a bit of inside information to add to all of this: It appears the EU leaders may have deceived the Clinton administration. Here’s how.

Recommendation 666 was implemented in July 2000. In October 2001, I had the chance to personally ask then former Secretary of Defense William Cohen about how the EU’s independent military command structure would effect the Western alliance. Cohen said, in his opinion it (independent EU command) hadn’t happened. He said the EU leaders were only doing if for show— to make the European people think they had their own separate military wing.

Of course, with France and Germany today siding against America in the UN Security Council, everybody — including Cohen — now knows the truth. The EU’s decision to create an independent military command structure wasn’t just for show. It was to compete against America on the world scene.

Now, as US and British forces are massing for a war in the Middle East, it’s being reported that America has warned France not to block the new US, British and Spanish resolution that’s now before the UN Security Council over going to war against Iraq. According to this report, if France blocks the resolution, there would be serious consequences to the Western alliance (Read about it here).

Yes, WWIII may have already begun.

And, as strange as it sounds, I believe it began with Recommendation 666.

— Herb Peters