Days of Decision — What Herb Thinks

Days of decision are looming before the EU leaders. After years of debate, compromise and, in some cases, sacrifice of their national interests, the fruit of their labor — the EU’s new Constitution of Rome — may face the chopping blocks of their public’s opinion.

In order for the EU’s Constitution to enter into force, it has to be first ratified back home by all 25 EU member states. And, the way it looks now, the ratification process is not going to happen the way the EU heads had envisioned.

Italy, currently controlled by a strongly pro-American and pro-Atlantic Alliance government, has just voted in favor of adopting the EU Constitution. Read about it here. The funny thing about this is, America — the centerpiece of the Atlantic Alliance — is very worried about the EU adopting its new constitution. Why? Because, under the EU’s new Constitution, the EU could emerge as a new political entity and power on the world stage that could threaten the global interests of the United States.

On the other hand, France, one of the EU’s most anti-American and anti-Atlantic Alliance nations, may very well reject the new constitution. In fact, according to the last nine polls, if the vote were taken today the French people would say no to the constitution. Why? Because, according to this report, some believe it would place France under NATO control.Read about it here. And, according to this next report, if France says no some other EU leaders feel they might as well kiss their new constitution good-bye. Read about it here.

On the surface, we appear to have three pieces of contradictory information. However, experience tells us that logical contradictions suggest unknown or hidden factors. And that’s what I believe we have here.

You see, if the adoption and implementation of the Western European Union’s Assembly Recommendation 666 was, in fact, an attempted takeover of the EU and NATO by certain anti-American factions, what we’re seeing is exactly what we’d be expecting. People on the street would understand the EU’s new constitution to be pro-NATO and, thus, pro-America. That’s why Italy voted in favor of the constitution and France may not.

At the same time, America — understanding the new realities within NATO — is against the EU member states approving their new constitution. Why? Because, in America’s eyes, what appears good in Europe is bad and what appears bad is good.

And, we’re in the days of decision.

— Herb Peters