Crooke In the Road Map? — What Herb Thinks

WorldNetDaily is reporting that an ex-M16 officer and prior EU representative to the Palestinian Authority held secret meetings with top Hamas leaders. According to the report, documents from the meeting were uncovered that showed the EU representative blamed Israel for all the continuing violence. He even went so far as to call the Palestinian and Hamas terrorists “freedom fighters.” Read about it here. The man’s name is Alistair Crooke. And wouldn’t you know it? Crooke worked for Miguel Moratinos, who, in turn, worked for the EU’s top diplomat, Javier Solana.

But before we come down too hard on Crooke, there is more to this story. It appears, as Solana himself suggested when BBC confronted him about these secret meetings with Hamas, other players in the international community may be involved, too. And, according to this report, that list of players may even include top officials from the Bush Administration. Read about it here.

Friends, something is going on that we’re not being told about.

I suspect a crooke in the road map.

— Herb Peters