Cool Score For A Cool Coup? — What Herb Thinks

As I write, the big stories are about yesterday’s long-awaited report by chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix and today’s state of the union address by President George W. Bush.

However, Bible prophecy has taught me where to keep my eyes — and it’s usually not always the big stories. In fact, the bigger the story is that occupies the media, the more attention I pay to what’s going on in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Here’s an example of a small story that could have big implications regarding prophecy. The EUobserver is reporting that the EU’s high representative, Javier Solana, has just scored major funding for his new army. Read about it here.

What’s especially interesting to me about this story is, the funding isn’t coming by way of the EU Commission; it’s coming directly from certain unnamed governments. In other words, the EU Commission is being completely bypassed.

If you’ve been following my commentaries, you know I believe there may be something more going on behind the scenes in the EU than what’s being reported. I suspect there may actually be an attempt by certain governments within the Council — perhaps members of Solana’s 10-nations alliance — to take control of the new, super EU due in 2004.

Why do I think this way? Because this is what I believe the prophecies tell us will happen — the revival of the old Roman Empire in the end days under the leadership of an alliance of 10 kings and/or nations.

Here’s my point: For Solana to score funding for his 10-nation military directly from certain governments — bypassing the EU Commission — this would be an important step if such a takeover of the EU was in the works. Now, according to this little report from the EUobserver, this has happened.

Question: Has Solana just made a cool score for a cool coup?

Stay tuned!

— Herb Peters