Come Together — What Herb Thinks

It’s still hard for me to believe what’s happening. The Madrid bombings sure got things rolling in Javier Solana’s direction.

According to this report, not only have the EU heads agreed to have their new, super EU constitution by June, they have asked Solana to tell them how they can integrate the intelligence of the member states within the Council. In other words, under Solana. Read about it here.

A friend called and said she found something interesting. She said she stumbled on a report in Spanish (I don’t have the link) that said the new socialist government in Spain had offered Solana the job of Spanish foreign minister. And according to the report, Solana told the EU heads either they give him the job of Commission president or the new EU foreign minister, otherwise he would go home to Spain and accept the offer. The report was dated March 20. On March 25, it was announced agreements were reached in Brussels to grant Solana sweeping new powers to combat terrorism.

This is what I think: The bombings in Madrid broke the deadlock over the constitution and the new, super EU is a done deal. I also suspect Solana may already have the job as the EU’s new foreign minister.

All this reminds me of the popular Beatles song, “Come Together.” It also reminds me of something in my book. At the beginning of the chapter titled “Introducing Mr. Europe,” I quote J. Dwight Pentecost, past president of Dallas Theological Seminary. Pentecost said:

The time will come when the nations of Europe will say to one man, “You take authority over us.”

Is this what we’re now seeing? Are the leaders of Europe coming together over Solana? And will they soon say, “You take authority over us”?

— Herb Peters