Closet Pre-trib Doubters — What Herb Thinks

The e-mail is still coming in over my commentary, “When Experts Aren’t.” So, if I haven’t got back to you yet, you know why.

So far all the email, except one, was encouraging. The one that wasn’t encouraging was a bit confrontational and asked so many questions that I would have been up hours answering.

The most interesting e-mails I got were from closet pre-tribulation doubters. These are people who don’t want to expose themselves to the wrath of the good-old-boys club, yet at the same time, they see all the holes in the pre-tribulation doctrine. You would never believe how many of these type of Christians there are today. And many of them are in the ministry.

One, for example, said he once had access to Dallas Theological Seminary documents. He told me John Walvoord, past president of the seminary, didn’t teach the pre-tribulation doctrine as a fact — he taught it instead as a theory. I was already aware of this myself. However, it’s hard to convince people of this.

He also said he once asked Charles Ryrie for one primary verse that proved the pre-tribulation rapture. The only verse Ryrie could come up with was Revelation 3:10. The person said he responded by saying something like, “So, it is a theory built upon a theory.” The person who e-mailed this to me doesn’t want his identity out.

Another closet pre-tribulation doubter who contacted me was a pastor. He said he’d been coming to my site for about a year now and wanted to encourage me that I was doing a good work. His flock, like most, was mainly pre-tribulation. His concern was that it was going to take tribulation to wake up the church again. In other words, he no longer completely trusted in the pre-tribulation doctrine.

If you doubt that there’s a pre-tribulation good-old-boys club, all you have to do is take a look at what happened yesterday at the message board from where I was banned. Someone started a thread only asking why I was banned. In response, the board once again employed a tactic I call “slander and lock.” Someone posted a personal and slanderous attack against me, then the administration appeared and locked it so there could be no further response. That, my friends, is the reason there are so many closet pre-tribulation doubters. They are simply afraid to come out and say what they believe.

This is just one example of the sting of the pre-tribulation good-old-boys club. Because I’ve openly stated that I have doubts about the pre-tribulation rapture, I’ve been the victim of just about every type of accusation and smear tactic that you can imagine. And, if you come out on this issue, it will happen to you, too.

Friends, that’s just the way it is.

— Herb Peters