Bush’s One Fatal Mistake — What Herb Thinks

I’m concerned about America’s future. Here’s why.

You may not have noticed, but my last commentary, With Us, or Against Us, was actually a continuation of thought from a prior commentary I had posted about the space shuttle Columbia disaster

You see, while watching that tragic fall of Columbia, I began wondering if it was a sign of America’s coming fall. If you want to know what made me think it could be a sign, see my commentary A Sign In The Texan Sky?.

As I write, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell is building Washington’s case for an American-led war against Iraq. Read about it here. At the same time, the Pentagon is asking for a build-up of America’s military in Asia for a possible conflict against North Korea. Read about it here.

Question: Can America fight and win two major wars at the same time? Some say yes, some say no. However, there is one thing everyone seems to agree on — it would be very costly to America to do so.

Back to the idea that the fall of Columbia could be a sign of America’s coming fall. This brings up another question: Why? If it was a sign, why would God allow a good and great nation like America — filled with so many Bible-believing churches — to fall?

Here’s why. Because, along with all great good American has accomplished in the world, last year America may have made one fatal mistake. In March 2002, the Bush administration sponsored United Nations Resolution 1397. This resolution called for the creation of a Palestinian state. A few days later his administration also backed Resolution 1402 calling for Israel to withdraw from the territories. Read about it here.

This action taken by the Bush administration was very significant not only because of the warnings in the Bible about this land belonging to Israel, but also because, for the first time in history, an American president was seen as taking a stand with the world against God’s little nation Israel.

So, when Bush said, “You’re either with us, or you’re against us,” we were all reminded of the words of Jesus and that, in order to win our war against evil, there can be no compromising with evil.

However, when Bush took that stand against Israel in the UN Security Council that day in March, I’m afraid he may have unknowingly made one fatal mistake and stepped over that line of compromise with evil himself.

You see, Jesus is standing with Israel. And, we’re either with Him or we’re against Him.

And that even applies to a great and good nation like America.

— Herb Peters