Blair’s Fatal Mistake? — What Herb Thinks

Recently I said I thought US president George W. Bush may have made a fatal mistake in March 2002 when he sponsored UN Resolution 1397 that called for the creation of a Palestinian state (Bush’s One Fatal Mistake).

In another commentary, I even wondered if the tragic fall of the space shuttle Columbia over the state of Texas could have been a sign in the sky warning of the coming fall of America (A Sign In The Texan Sky?).

Now British Prime Minister Tony Blair may be making that same fatal mistake. The Guardian is reporting that the British government has expressed its “impatience with Israel and the US yesterday for blocking an internationally agreed Middle East peace plan” (Read about it here).

Why is this significant? Because the day the British government made this announcement was the same day that the EU’s leaders held their emergency summit. If you recall, at this summit the 15 EU heads were attempting to forge a common stand they could all agree to on the divisive issue of war with Iraq. However, I think some kind of agreement about the EU’s Middle East policy may have also been reached at this summit. And, I suspect Javier Solana had something to do with it.

Here’s why: Before the summit began, Solana presented three points where he thought the 15 heads could agree — Iraq had to be disarmed, the UN had to be the one to do it, and the weapons inspectors had to be fully supported. And, when they issued their declaration, it was Solana’s common stand on these three points that the EU heads decided to make.

But, as I said in a prior commentary, the EU heads did manage to add a few things more to their summit declaration. And one thing they added appeared very out of place. They added, “The European Union reiterates its firm belief in the need to invigorate the peace process in the Middle East and to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict” (Read about it here).

Now it’s being reported that on the same day this declaration was made public, the British government has expressed its impatience with Israel and the US for blocking the implementation of the Quartet’s so-called “Road Map” peace plan which calls for the creation of a Palestinian state by 2005.

Like I said, I suspect this announcement by the British government was also Solana’s idea. The Centre for European Reform — a think tank that works closely with Solana — recently published a paper by Steve Everts titled “The EU and the Middle East: A Call to Action.” And at the January 29 luncheon where Evert’s paper was released, Solana gave a speech about his foreign policy goals in the Middle East (Read about it here).

For someone like me who understands a little bit about Bible prophecy, reading Solana’s speech was almost like reading out of the Old Testament book of Daniel about the revival of the old Roman Empire.

After acknowledging things in the region were bleak, and mentioning the ongoing work of the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq, Solana began laying out his sweeping vision for the Middle East. Solana said the Middle East needed to be seen as a whole — it should return to one.

And, Solana proudly reminded his audience how back in 1995 he negotiated the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for Peace between the EU and 12 Mediterranean nations — including Israel. In other words, Solana reminded his listeners that he’s been working very hard on a plan since 1995 to unite the Mediterranean region under the ever-growing EU umbrella.

Like I said, reading Solana’s speech was like reading from Daniel. And, what’s so frustrating to me is that this is what I wrote about in my book, Recommendation 666, and this is what I’ve been telling people here on Fulfilledprophecy.Com for the past year — there’s something big going on in the EU. And, just like the Bible predicted, it’s heading toward Israel.

Now, on the same day the 15 EU heads made public their common foreign policy position on Iraq, the British government has expressed its impatience with Israel and the US for blocking an internationally agreed peace plan.

Question: Was the British government referring to the US Middle East peace plan or Solana’s sweeping Middle East peace plan?

Actually, it doesn’t matter. You see, I believe the Bible teaches that any nation that endorses a plan that would remove the children of Israel from their God-given land is making a big mistake.

And, especially for a nation that calls itself “Christian,” it’s a fatal mistake.

— Herb Peters