Back Door Man 2 — What Herb Thinks

In June of last year, I wrote a commentary titled “Back Door Man.” Here is some of what I posted.

Some observers are predicting an EU war. I think they’re right. If you recall, even as the news was coming out that the French had voted down the EU’s new constitution, the EU’s High Representative was up declaring that his foreign policy elements would continue. Read the full commentary here.

The following month in July, I wrote a follow-up titled “He’s Back.” Read it here. Here again is some of what I said.

Now, members of the press are surprised to find that, although the voters turned down the EU’s new constitution, its most important components are being implemented away. According to this report, these components are:

The European Space Program

The EU criminal code

The European Defense Agency

The common asylum policy

The mutual defense clause, which replicates NATO’s Article Five

The External Border Agency

The Fundamental Rights Agency (Monitoring Center for Racism and Xenophobia)

Autonomous politico-military command structures

The European External Action Service (that is, the EU diplomatic corps)

The EU prosecuting magistracy

The Union Foreign Minister — that silky socialist, Javier Solana

The Charter of Fundamental Rights

This brings us to today’s news. According to this report, the EU Commission has begun pushing for a removal of national vetoes in the area of crime and justice and the creation of a so-called “Euro-Home Office.” Read about it here. And, this bold move comes directly following the astonishing news that a decision was reached to place the combined criminal and military resources of all 25 EU states at the disposal of Javier Solana. Read about it here.

If you’re from my generation, you remember the Doors classic song, “Back Door Man.” Although the song’s lyrics were clearly not about a person’s political activities, the basic message may apply. While the EU’s establishment confidently sit back and eat their dinners of pork and beans, the back door man is busy eating more chicken than any of them has ever seen.

He’s the back door man.

— Herb Peters