Anti-American or Anti-Christ? — What Herb Thinks

British Prime Minister Tony Blair isn’t just fighting for his personal political life, he’s fighting for the freedom of the British people. He’s fighting the anti-Christ spirit.

For years Britain didn’t want anything to do with this Europe thing — this attempt to construct a unified Europe spearheaded by France and Germany. But, suddenly, under the leadership of Blair, Britain appeared to jump into the unification project with both feet.

Although reluctant on entry into the Euro-zone, under Blair’s leadership Britain surprised everybody and dashed headlong into building a common foreign and defense zone for the 15 EU member states. In fact, without Britain on board, the EU’s new common foreign policy would have never even gotten off the ground.

I must admit, I was confused by Blair’s sudden change of heart about the European Union. And, I wrote several commentaries about my concerns. Why did Blair want to take his freedom-loving Britain into the belly of this undemocratic monster rising on the European continent? I suspected it could only be because Blair was, in truth, part of the anti-Christ movement that was sweeping Europe.

Blair, however, provided a very different answer to my question. He said since Europe’s unification was going to happen with or without Britain anyway, it was far better for Britain to help shape this new Europe than to just sit back and let it go in a way that could be bad for Britain.

Like I said, although what Blair said made some sense, I was very skeptical about his true motives. In fact, I wrote a very critical commentary calling Blair a good ventriloquist. I said I thought Blair was telling the British people he was slowly signing away their freedoms, but he was making it sound like someone else was doing the talking. See Tony Blair is a Good Ventriloquist.

Now I’ve changed my mind. I think Blair actually meant what he said about why he had committed Britain to the unification of Europe project that was begun by France and Germany. I believe he was, like he said, actually attempting to steer this new, super Europe in a way that would be good for the cause of the freedom-loving peoples of the world.

Why did I change my mind about Blair? For one thing, I changed my mind because of the way Blair has risked his own political future by standing by American on this Iraqi war. You see, the real issue in Europe today isn’t war and peace, it’s anti-Americanism. And, the Iraqi war has simply brought this ugly reality to light.

Another reason I’ve changed my mind about Blair is because the Euobserver is reporting that Blair has actually called for an emergency summit in the EU to “discuss anti-Americanism and its impact on the Unions projects” Read about it here.

Why does this impress me so much? Because the EU unification project is at the brink of becoming something totally new. The Convention on the Future of Europe is about to complete its task of coming up with a new Constitution for the new, super Europe. At the same time, France and Germany have done something dangerous to freedom — they have apparently decided to tap into the anti-American feelings on the European street. Read about it here to further their own questionable agendas.

The bottom line is: Blair’s strategy of containment is unraveling. The European unification project is in danger of spinning out of his control and, if he doesn’t act now, the anti-American forces in the EU will take over.

So, Blair is asking the Greek EU presidency to convene an emergency EU summit. And, he wants the 10 new candidate countries to the EU to be able to attend.

I don’t think the Greek EU presidency will allow these new candidate countries to attend. Why? Because these candidate countries are mostly pro-American. They’ve only recently been freed from the grip of Communism. And, they know if it wasn’t for America, it would never have happened.

On the other hand, Greece isn’t pro-American. And, like France and Germany, I suspect Greece may also decide to tap into those anti-American feelings that are sweeping Europe.

Let’s hope I’m wrong. You see, it’s not really the anti-American feeling sweeping across Europe today that concerns me — it’s the spirit behind these feelings.

It’s Europe’s growing anti-Christ spirit that concerns me.

— Herb Peters