Another Solana Cool Coup? — What Herb Thinks

At the bottom of the list of events on the right side of’s homepage, you will find these words:

The rotating six-month presidency is to be replaced and the EU’s foreign policy given entirely to one person — possibly Solana.

It was almost exactly one year ago when I placed those words there. In fact, this month — January — marks the first anniversary of Now it looks like it’s going to happen — the European Union’s entire foreign policy is going to be given to one man. And, it looks like that man is Javier Solana.

As I’ve said before, it fascinates me how Solana has always managed to keep himself out of the spotlight. Yet, I believe this one Spanish diplomat has contributed more to the shaping of the post-Cold War Europe than any other international leader.

In 1995 Solana was appointed the secretary general of NATO. He came on the scene just in time to lead the U.S. bombing campaign against Serbia. Not only was he tasked with restabilizing the Balkans, he was given the job of restructuring NATO to meet the new post-Cold War realities in Europe. Part of this restructuring was to make it possible for the European members of NATO to have their own military force.

In 1999, Solana left NATO to became the EU’s first High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. He was also made head of the Western European Union, an alliance of 10 European NATO nations. His job was to create out of this 10-nation alliance an independent military for the EU. In other words, he was to finish the job he had already started as head of NATO.

In 2000, following the WEU’s Assembly Recommendation 666, Solana and the French EU presidency made the WEU the official military wing of the EU.

Now, in 2003, it’s being reported that France and Germany have decided to create a powerful new EU foreign ministry with a large budget. Read about it here. Furthermore, it has also been reported they want Javier Solana to head it. Read about it here.

If this happens, we may have just witnessed another Solana cool coup — just like the one I recorded in my book, Recommendation 666.

In other words, in 2004, the big European leaders want the EU’s entire foreign policy to be given to one man, Javier Solana — exactly like what was speculated on this site a year ago.

On any day, this announcement would be exciting for a student of Bible prophecy. However, for me, it’s even more exciting for it to come on the anniversary of

Thanks for staying tuned!

— Herb Peters