Ancient Names, Ancient Games — What Herb Thinks

Ancient names are commonplace today. In the news we’re hearing about places like Babylon, Israel, Persia (Iran) and, in the ongoing European reunification project, even the Roman Empire.

In Iraq, where the ruins of ancient Babylon are found, American forces have established a presence in the troubled Middle East. Read about it here. The big question for some is why. But, in my opinion, the bottom line answer is simple. It’s called economics. Do we want the food on our table or someone else’s?

Let’s not kid ourselves. The Middle East has become a prize coveted by all the big energy consuming nations. Behind every geo-political move they make is the desire to be the winner of that prize.

Some would ask why this would be true of energy-rich Russia. For example, why is Russia supporting Iran? The way I understand it, Russia wants a presence in the Middle East to consolidate her huge energy cartel over the European continent. It’s no secret that the Putin government has begun using energy as a weapon. That’s why relations between America and Russia have been souring.

So, with American forces in Iraq, Russia is naturally backing America’s enemy Iran. Not only that, Russia is also backing Hamas, the enemy of America’s lone ally in the region — Israel.

If no one else does, Israel understands the nature of the game. But, for little Israel, it’s not a game only for an economic prize — it’s a matter of life or death. That’s why they fear a third world war may be coming. Read about it here. And, that’s why I’m concerned that Britain will abstain.

In fact, this brings us to what’s really troubling me — British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s surprise announcement that he wouldn’t be supporting any military action against Iran. In other words, if it comes to a war with Iran, America will be going it alone this time. Friends, that’s not a good sign.

But, when we consider Britain’s geographic situation, Blair’s decision — although troubling — is understandable. The way I see it, Blair has finally had to make his choice between Europe and America. And, when left with only these two choices, his decision for Europe was inevitable.

You see, a huge, new European political and economic empire is rising, whether we like it or not. Already, as I’ve been reporting, this empire is reaching down for the Middle East. Read about it here. The way I see it, as far as the Iranian crisis is concerned, Europe has decided to play a waiting game — to see how things turn out. When it’s all over, they hope their way to the prize may be finally opened. And, according to my understanding of Bible prophecy, Europe’s decision may prove to be a wise one — at least for a time.

Here’s why I say this. What we’re seeing are ancient names playing ancient games.

And the Bible tells us Who wins.

— Herb Peters