About to Boil Over — What Herb Thinks

I’m afraid the Middle East pot may soon boil over. I read yesterday that a defector is warning Iran will have a nuclear bomb by the middle of next year. Read about it here. You know what? Nobody, I mean nobody, is going to let that happen.

In the meantime, Syria is continuing to host Hamas terrorists in Damascus and is supporting Hezbollah activity directed against Israel’s northern border from Lebanon. Israel doesn’t want to take it anymore and is threatening to strike at Syria.

Then we have the Temple Mount situation. As you may recall, it’s being reported it’s about to collapse — Dome of the Rock and all. If that happens, you know who the Arab world will blame — Israel. So, Jordan has suddenly stepped in and taken the Temple Mount away from the Palestinian Authority. Like I reported earlier, there is something going on here too.

Now, on top of all this, Secretary of State Colin Powell is once again going after Yasser Arafat. The difference this time is, instead of calling for Arafat’s removal, Powell is calling for stripping Arafat of his power.

And, here’s where it gets real sticky. The American presidential election is only months away. Let me put it this way: The sudden appearance of John Kerry in the White House would suddenly shift America’s foreign policy in unknown directions at a very dangerous moment in history.

It think it’s about to boil over.

— Herb Peters