A Scary Pattern Emerging — What Herb Thinks

A scary pattern is emerging. Looking at the recent news reports, it appears there could be a war going on for control of NATO, the UN and the EU. On one side of this war is France and Germany. And on the other side is the US, a few conservative EU nations and some of the former East Block countries.

Here’s why I think this: Today the Euobserver is reporting that the 10 new accession countries to the EU are demanding that they be allowed to participate in the Intergovernmental Conference that will ratify the new, super EU constitution. This means these 10 nations want the conference to be put off until after they become full members of the EU in May 2004 (Read about it here).

And naturally, the Franco-German axis is leading the fighting to prevent this from happening. They want the conference that ratifies the new, super EU constitution to be held in this year in 2003 — before the new Eastern countries join the EU. Why? So they can have more control over what kind of new constitution is ratified.

Along the same line, there was another report today about how France is continuing to lead the fight to oppose America in the UN Security Council over war with Iraq. In fact, in the title of the report it said, “US, France go to war over Iraq” (Read about it here). If you recall, once again it was these same former East Block countries that came to America’s aid against France and Germany on this issue.

As I thought about these two reports, I recalled how recently the World Socialist Web Site posted an article claiming a German news magazine reported about a secret memo from the EU’s High Representative, Javier Solana. According to the article, in the memo Solana accused the US of using the former East Block countries who were wanting to join the EU to undermine his common foreign and security policy (Read about it here).

Suddenly, I realized how these three reports were all related — the report about the 10 accession countries wanting to participate in the EU’s conference, France’s opposition to the US in the UN and Solana’s secret memo. In other words, there is a war going on between France and Germany on one side, and the US and a few other European nations on the other. And, the war is for control of the world community’s three major international institutions — the UN, NATO and the EU.

And, once again the beginning of this war can be traced back to June 5, 2000, when the 10-nation Western European Union adopted its Assembly Recommendation 666. The reason I say this is because it was the implementation of this recommendation under the French EU presidency that created a separate military command structure for the EU in the Council of Ministers under Javier Solana to compete with the US on the world scene.

As I said, a scary pattern is emerging. It looks like the same forces that adopted and implemented Recommendation 666 back in 2000 are the ones now leading this fight today against the US in the UN, NATO and the EU.

I wonder how many people know this?

Stay tuned.

— Herb Peters