A Nonstarter — What Herb Thinks

This is the part of Bible prophecy I’ve learned to enjoy the most. Wondering how in the world it’s going to work out now. It’s being reported UN head Kofi Annan said Javier Solana’s dream of having a seat on the UN Security Council was a “nonstarter.” He didn’t mention Solana directly. But, when Annan mentioned regional organizations, that included Solana’s EU seat. China View reported Annan’s words this way:

The proposal to have regional organizations get seats on the Council was a nonstarter, with existing Council permanent members unlikely to give up their seats. Read about it here.

What does this report have to do with what I love about prophecy? Well, if what we’re seeing today in Europe is the fulfillment of prophecy, we can almost be certain the EU is going to somehow end up with a seat.

Here’s where it gets even better. You see, two of the current permanent members on the Security Council who are blocking Solana from getting his own EU seat are Britain and France. And, these two nations have even begun supporting Germany’s bid for a seat after the Security Council is restructured. Get the prophetic picture? For Solana to get his EU seat on the Council, he may have to somehow subdue the leaders of these three governments. And all three are members of his 10-nation alliance. As I’ve pointed out recently, this situation appears to be a perfect setup for what we find described in Daniel 7:7-8.

Now, Annan has gone on record saying Solana’s EU seat is a nonstarter. As far as prophecy is concerned, that really changes things.

It makes the situation more interesting!

— Herb Peters