A More Dangerous Axis of Evil — What Herb Thinks

Something’s up between France, Germany and Italy.

Not long ago it was reported Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had met in Italy with a group of other conservative European Union prime ministers. The reason this caught my eye is because Burlusconi will hold the EU presidency during the very decisive last half of 2003. And, under his presidency all the final decisions will be made about what shape the new executive structure of the new, super EU will take.

Soon after, Pope John Paul II paid a visit to the Italian Parliament and, for the first time in modern history, a pope addressed the political leadership of Italy — including Berlusconi. Why? Because the Pope knew the pivotal role the Italian government would be making in shaping the foundations for the new Europe, and he wanted to secure a place in it for the Catholic Church.

Now it’s being reported France and Germany are attempting to revive their old Franco-German alliance. If you recall, it was France and Germany that started it all. In fact, the Franco-German alliance was once considered the engine behind Europe’s unification.

What’s wrong with France and Germany reviving their alliance? The problem is, it is also being reported that Italy has made some kind of deal with Germany and certain other founding EU members that has effectively sidelined Britain (Read about it here).

In other words, it’s beginning to look like an axis is emerging in this battle for control of the EU — France, Germany and Italy.

And, as I said in a recent commentary (Read it here), behind those closed doors I suspect a deal has already been made about what shape the new, super EU will take.

You see, soon France and Germany will deliver their joint paper to the Convention. Since they are said to be on opposite sides of the debate over the new, super EU presidency, some kind of compromise is expected (Read about it here).

I believe the only way these two major powers who are said to be on opposite sides of this issue could so soon deliver a joint paper to the Convention is if some kind of deal on the presidency has already been made.

Now, it looks like that deal that has already been made behind closed doors isn’t just between France and Germany; it also includes Italy. In other words, there is now a three-way axis in the EU that excludes Britain.

Question: Is this a more dangerous axis of evil?

— Herb Peters