A Major Worry — What Herb Thinks

I’ve said before I thought that British prime minister Tony Blair was a good ventriloquist. Blair knows how to say things but make it look like someone else is talking. Now, I think he’s doing it again.

Here’s why I think this: Former British prime minister John Major is now publicly voicing his concerns about the coming Iraqi war. Major, you may recall, was the conservative prime minister who so faithfully supported George Bush Sr. during the first Gulf War (Read about it here).

What is Major so worried about? For one thing, he’s worried that Saddam may use weapons he hasn’t used before. But, according to this report, he’s mostly worried about what will come after the war.

This report about Major worries me. You see, unlike Tony Blair — the British prime minister who is today supporting America in a war — Major is free to express his true feelings.

If Major were the British prime minister today, I believe he would be doing the same thing that Blair is doing — he’d be officially supporting America. But, that doesn’t mean he would agree with what America was doing privately.

What does this report about Major tell me? It tells me Blair, someone who is far more liberal than Major, may also disagree with America’s position on an Iraqi war. But, Blair isn’t free to say it. So, Blair may now be trying to express his true concerns over this Iraqi war through Britain’s former conservative prime minister John Major.

Why does this concern me so much? Because, if even Britain’s former conservative prime minister is publicly voicing his concerns about an Iraqi war, there must be good reason for concern.

And, as I’ve said before, I fear for America anyway. The reason for my concern is, despite all his good intentions, I’m afraid that President George W. Bush may have made one fatal mistake when he sponsored a UN resolution to create a Palestinian state (Read about it here).

Question: Is Blair now voicing his own concerns through Major?

If so, we have a major worry.

— Herb Peters