A Fading Dream — What Herb Thinks

I’m an American. I believe in the American dream. Like all good things, however, that dream is fading.

Rockwell Schabel, United States Ambassador to the European Union, warned that the situation with China is serious. In fact, he said it was “very very serious.” Read about it here.

If you recall, China passed a law authorizing war if Taiwan declares independence. At the same time, the EU is planning on lifting its arms embargo against China. In other words, the EU, whether it admits it or not, is backing China at this critical moment in history.

If you read the article carefully, you will sense the urgency. Schabel is aware about what I’m saying. The EU is not America’s friend. Perhaps America still has friends in some European capitals. But, America has few friends in the EU as an institution. And, unfortunately, the Bible suggests the EU institution will prevail over the capitals.

It hurts when friends turn against you. Especially when you have sacrificed for their good. Yet, this is what the Bible tells us. In the end-time, even our loved ones will turn against us.

If you think I’m wrong to equate what will happen to Christians in the end-times to Europe’s turning against America, it’s because you don’t understand the spiritual war in the way that I do. I see God using America to hold back the darkness. I see a light that is fading. And, along with that fading light, I see something else.

I see a fading dream.

— Herb Peters