9 Things to Watch in 2009

Did the 70th Week of Daniel start on Jan. 1, 2007? If so, then we should expect to see the creation of a new world political, economic and religious order. So here are the stories FP will be watching this year.

Middle East talks: Will an agreement be reached between the Israelis and Palestinians? If so, will the EU’s Javier Solana play a key role?

Financial crisis: Will a global economic body be formed?

Obama presidency: Will President Obama subject the United States to international bodies, like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court?

Alliance of Civilizations: Will America join the Group of Friends? See here

Lisbon Treaty: If the treaty passes, will Javier Solana get the powerful foreign minister post? And will the 10 Brussels Treaty Powers remain in control of the EU military?

Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Will Tony Blair woo more evangelicals to join his interfaith work? See here

Rick Warren: Will his gospel of good works overshadow the gospel of salvation from sin?

Catholic-Muslim dialogue: Will the Vatican’s overtures lead to unity?

Apostolic-prophetic movement: Will more Christians come under the authority of these false apostles and false prophets? See them here

— Holly Pivec