2008: A Year in Review — What Holly Thinks

A financial crisis led to calls for a new global order — an order that seemed unachievable given the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East. The Annapolis process attempted to calm the turmoil and failed, but found new life as it won the backing of the international community. The key to peace in our time? Religions working together. History may dub 2008 the year of the interfaith movement — not realizing that good intentions will pave the path for the False Prophet.

New Global Order

G-20 leaders launched an action plan to create a “new world economic order.” See more

The UK’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, said now is the time to build a global society, led by the European Union and the United States. See more

The Center for Strategic & International Studies issued a report calling for a new global order with the EU and NATO at the core. See more

The World Council of Churches called for a new international financial structure. See more

Barack Obama planned to strengthen the relationship between the United States and the United Nations. See more

Middle East Peace

The UN adopted a measure backing the Annapolis process. See more

Informal talks between Syria and Israel were relaunched after eight years. (This week, Syria suspended the talks due to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.) See more

The EU’s Javier Solana positioned himself to take the diplomatic lead in the Middle East during the transition in the U.S. administration. See more, and here,
here, and here.

Evangelical leaders urged Obama to make Mideast peace a priority. See more

The Union of the Mediterranean was launched under the umbrella of Javier Solana’s Barcelona Process. See more

Rise of the Interfaith Movement

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation was launched. See more

Rick Warren was appointed an adviser to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. See more

The United Nations held an interfaith conference attended by representative of 80 countries, including President Bush. See more

The Vatican launched a Muslim-Christian dialogue. See more

National Association of Evangelicals board member Joel Hunter attended the Alliance of Civilizations’ first annual forum. See more

E.U. high representative Javier Solana and Alliance of Civilizations’ head Jorge Sampaio met to see how the E.U. and Alliance of Civilizations can work together. See more

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) issued a declaration to support the Alliance of Civilizations. See more

A poll revealed that most American Christians say Christianity isn’t the only way to heaven. See more

Holly’s Top Pick for 2008

One of the biggest stories of the year in Europe was the failure of the Lisbon Treaty. Yet the part most people missed is that, without the treaty, Javier Solana and the 10 Brussels Treaty Powers remain in control of the E.U. military. Learn why these 10 nations may be significant to Bible prophecy here.

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— Holly Pivec