06-06-06 — What Herb Thinks

Last night I was watching Fox News when I noticed the date on the screen. Sure enough, the clock on the wall indicated it was a little after 12. It was 06-06-06.

My attention returned to Fox News and the story being reported. To my surprise, it was about the European Union’s top diplomat arriving in Iran. As I began to realize who the story was about, the camera came in for a close-up and the reporter said his name. It was Javier Solana.

Only hours before, on the same network, I had watched a documentary about how some people — both religious and secular — were anticipating the coming date of June 6, 2006 (O6-06-06). Some people were uneasy and concerned. Others were actually a bit excited. I had thought the whole idea about the date meaning anything somewhat funny. Now I was seeing this.

You see, this is the first time in the American media that I had seen Javier Solana at the center of attention. I’ve seen him before in the background — like while standing beside other important leaders — but never in the foreground like now.

Last week I did a commentary titled “That’s How I Knew.” I drew attention to the work of Dr. John F. Walvoord and his book Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis. I wanted to show how accurately Walvoord foresaw the events we’re now witnessing in Europe. I accomplished this by quoting some of Walvoord’s observations. Let’s take a look at two of them. The first is about a coming 10-nation alliance. Walvoord said:

The first movements toward the revival of the fourth empire are in today’s headlines as the drama of international power and wealth again focuses on the Middle East. Ten strong nations can be expected to emerge in an alliance of political and economic power. That will be the beginning of the future revival of the Roman Empire. This will set the stage for the emergence of the new world dictator” (pg 155).

As you know, a 10-nation alliance did appear in Europe in 1995, the Western European Union — exactly as Walvoord foresaw.

The second observation is about the coming world dictator that’s expected to rise from among these 10 nations. Walvoord says: “A new world dictator will first reveal himself in the role of a peacemaker in the Middle East” (pg 155).

Here’s my point: If Walvoord was right regarding his first observation, it’s highly probable he’ll be right about his second as well.

This morning I went to Google News, as I usually do. But what I saw wasn’t usual. According to Google, the top story in the U.S. was about Solana arriving in Iran. See below:

Later in the day, not only was the story about Solana and Iran still at the top position, but also another story about Solana and the Palestinian power struggle appeared.

Friends, for the first time, the eyes of the world are on Solana.

And, it’s 06-06-06.

— Herb Peters