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Great new web site on "Creeping Sharia" in the Wes

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:21 pm
by sheri
Great new web site about "creeping sharia" in the West:

Middle East Forum Launches Islamist Watch Website
By Press Release: John Matthies (03/06/08)

PHILADELPHIA - Islamist-Watch, the website of the Middle East Forum's Islamist Watch project, is open for business.

Islamist Watch asserts that nonviolent radical Islam is more likely to alter the makeup of Western society over time than is terrorism. For while it is relatively easy to mobilize public opinion against terrorist groups, no institutions exist to counter the demands of non-violent extremists. Lawful Islamists lobby for legislation, influence curriculum and media content, advancing their agenda patiently, through non-violent means, bringing about fundamental changes in society. They also use "lawfare" (aggressive legal maneuvers) to close down academic, media, and political critics.

As a consequence, writes Daniel Pipes: "Quietly, lawfully, peacefully, Islamists do their work throughout the West to impose aspects of Islamic law, win special privileges for themselves, shut down criticism of Islam, create Muslim-only zones, and deprive women and non-Muslims of their full civil rights."

Recent examples of lawful Islamism include:

* Leading Muslim students in prayer at a public San Diego elementary school.
* Allowing cab drivers in Vancouver, B.C. to refuse certified guide dogs for reasons of religious conviction.
* Admonishing doctors and nurses in Scotland to refrain from eating in front of their Muslim patients and colleagues during the month of Ramadan.
* Proposing in the Netherlands that people of all faiths refer to God as Allah in order to "create more dialogue."
* The Archbishop of Canterbury's arguing that adopting elements of Shari'a law in Britain would benefit social cohesion.
* Allowing members of polygamous marriages to claim extra welfare benefits in Britain.
* Sponsoring a Muslim lifeguard program for the benefit of private female sessions at the city pool in Mississauga, Canada.
* Dropping Knorbert the piglet as mascot of Fortis Bank for fear of offending Muslims.

The website makes an original contribution to the study of lawful Islamism, and expands the project's reach by:

* Publishing original and commissioned work on the Islamist push in the West;
* Cataloguing, under "Creeping Dhimmitude," examples of the West's misguided efforts to accommodate radical Islam; and
* Posting research and updates relative to lawful Islamist organizations.

The website provides news concerning the Middle East Forum's Legal Project, established to protect in courts of law those researchers and analysts working on the topics of terrorism, terrorist funding, and Islamism.

Islamist Watch assistant director John Matthies says that "as radical Islam comes to rely on nonviolent means to impose an agenda and chill discussion, it is necessary to monitor Islamist groups full-time. The website will allow us to report our findings and serve as a resource on Islamist movements."

Middle East Forum director Daniel Pipes adds that "the Islamist Watch website will invite the public to better understand the threat posed by non-violent, political Islam to civil society and the rule of law."

Legal Project director Brooke Goldstein asserts: "The Islamist lawfare challenge poses a serious threat to our democratic freedoms. Should the voices of counter-terrorism researchers and activists be silenced, a real possibility exists that the criticism of radical Islam within our borders will end. The Islamist Watch website compliments our efforts to spread awareness about this threat and to publish updates on our work.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 4:09 am
by sheri

PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 8:59 pm
by sheri
Resisting Islamic Law

CAIR's capitulation contains an important lesson: When Westerners broadly agree on rejecting a specific Islamic law or tradition and unite against it, Western Islamists must adjust to the majority's will. Guide dogs for the blind represent just one of many such consensus issues; others tend to involve women, such as husbands beating wives, the burqa head coverings, female genital mutilation, and "honor" killings. Western unity can also compel Islamists to denounce their preferred positions in areas such as slavery and Shar‘i-compliant finances.

Other Islam-derived practices do not (yet) exist in the West but do prevail in the Muslim world. These include punishing a woman for being raped, exploiting children as suicide bombers, and executing offenders for such crimes as converting out of Islam, adultery, having a child out of wedlock, or witchcraft. Western solidarity can win concessions in these areas too.

If Westerners stick together, the Shari‘a is doomed. If we do not, we are doomed

The whole story:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:46 pm
by sheri
Article on intimidation and censoring of free speech by Muslims:

Award-winning author Mark Steyn has been summoned to appear before two Canadian Human Rights Commissions on vague allegations of "subject[ing] Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt" and being "flagrantly Islamophobic" after Maclean's magazine published an excerpt from his book, America Alone.

The public inquisition of Steyn has triggered outrage among Canadians and Americans who value free speech, but it should not come as a surprise. Steyn's predicament is just the latest salvo in a campaign of legal actions designed to punish and silence the voices of anyone who speaks out against Islamism, Islamic terrorism, or its sources of financing.

Continued here:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:37 am
by sheri
Exclusion Is the New Inclusion

Julia Shearson, the executive director of CAIR-Cleveland, recently appeared on CNN to discuss Harvard's decision to ban men from a popular campus gym during certain hours after a handful of Muslim women had expressed discomfort at the prospect of working out in a mixed facility. School officials admit that the new guidelines have more to do with religion than gender.

"This isn't about excluding anybody," argued Shearson, a Harvard alumna. "This is about including everyone."


Robert Spencer critiques these updated standards for "inclusion":

The increasingly shrill demands in Western countries for accommodation of Muslim practices are not the latest manifestation of the push for equal rights for minorities. … Demanding a place at the table is not the same thing as demanding a separate table of one's own. In the civil rights movement, black Americans were working for full inclusion in the larger secular democratic culture, not trying to carve out their own enclave within it. If anything, they had that already, and that was the problem

By such thinking, he continues, "the Muslim Rosa Parks would insist on sitting in a separate place on the bus, and Muslim students would demand the right not to have to eat at infidel lunch counters."

Mark Steyn further exposes the irony:

Forty years ago, advocating separate drinking fountains made you a racist. Today, advocating separate taxi cabs or separate swimming sessions makes you a multiculturalist.

Indeed. Exclusion has become the new inclusion.

This episode offers merely the latest evidence that CAIR and its allies are unfit to claim the mantle of the civil rights movement, while elite institutions such as Harvard are all too willing to sell the classical notion of equality down the (Charles) river.

Posted by David J. Rusin | Mon, 10 Mar 2008 at 9:15 AM