Are you standing up for Jesus?

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Are you standing up for Jesus?

Postby WOODHENOT3 on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:13 am

Are you boldly sharing the gospel message with your best friends or family?
Are you worried about losing your friends or family?
I know many Christians who refuse to help others who stumble, instead, they gossip about that person's sin.
I shared the gospel with my parents and knowingly they would reject me, but I shared the Gospel with them is what God commanded me to do even though they have not visited my family for 14 years. Most Christians I know would not do that for the Lord. Many Christians I know from several churches are too afraid to stand up for Jesus because they don't want to lose their friends. My good friend of 15 years has been backsliding and I warned him of the false teachings he has been listening to and the "softening" of the gospel message,etc. It's like talking to a drug addict. It's always, "I'm the bad guy!".
A woman from the last church I attended said to me, "you're negative!" after I warned a person there of the false teachings,, so I said to her, how is warning the people of the witchcraft, false teachings, etc be negative? Is Jesus negative when he rebuked the devil? She said, "I don't want to lose my friends, so stay away"....I shared 5 scriptures with the Pastor there about the truth of "speaking in tongues".....he said to me, Paul was a legalistic, therefore the scripture doesn't stand as corrected, so he told me to ignore the warnings of the "speaking in tongues" or I'll end up being a legalistic like I asked him, "who are you standing up for? Jesus or your denomination?"
He wouldn't answer as he gave me a brochure of what his denomination stands for....

I encourages Christians to"Stand up for Jesus", don't let people manipulate the Truth....

Blessings, Woody
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Re: Are you standing up for Jesus?

Postby Abiding in His Word on Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:40 am

Hi Woody,

I think many of us can relate to the discouragement of having our witness and advice refused. I know for myself that sometimes the timing has been off or even my manner or attitude has been a turnoff for the very ones I've tried to reach. And eventually I came to the conclusion, sad but true, I can't force others to accept the good news. In reality, I remember how long it took for me to have the truth revealed to me so I continue to pray and leave the rest in God's hands. That's hard for us believers because we want so much for the truth to be received instantly. We must learn patience and trust that the Word will not return void in time and that the Holy Spirit is able to reveal the truth to those who will receive it.
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